Receiving international awards

Medal of Honor of the German Construction Machinery Day, which honored special, forward-looking innovations for the first time on April 6, 1986. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein received this award for the "outstanding engineering achievement in the development of a two-phase pipe jacking system for non-accessible cross-sections".

Beschreibung: O:\S&P\S&P Bilder-Image\Award_2004_NO_DIG_IMG_8991.jpg

NO-DIG Award 2000 and 2005, awarded by the International Society for Trench-less Technology (ISTT)

Beschreibung: O:\S&P\S&P Bilder-Image\Award_2006_Land_der_Ideen_600.jpg

“Germany – Land of Ideas” Award 2006 and 2007, awarded by the German Government to honour groundbreaking and innova-tive ideas

Beschreibung: O:\S&P\S&P Bilder-Image\MedidaPrix_2004_white.png

Finalist medida prix 2004, Graz, Austria

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Gewinner des Europäischen e-Learning Award „eureleA“ 2004 Baden-Baden, Deutschland